Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jassi Getting Bold

Getting Bold

As Jassi turns confident, actress Mona Singh who plays her in the serial Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin insists the change will be inspirational for viewers.

By: Lopamudra Maitra

Pune, January 12:

jassi jaissi koi nahinTHE Ugly Duckling story of Jassi from Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, takes a new turn this month, promising to take fans across the nation by surprise. Sans the pink kurta, braces, fringe cut and old-fashioned umbrella, Jassi turns into a more confident and assertive self with viewers from across the nation encouraging her to take revenge against ‘Armaan sir.’ The decision was reached by a competition held by Sony Television between December 23 to 29, 2004. Over a video conference organised by Reliance Webworld on Tuesday held across 13 cities, Mona Singh, alias Jassi, interacted with winners of the contest.

Jassi’s new image is meant to serve as inspiration for others like her. “It is going to be a gradual turnover to the new Jassi. This should urge fans to be self-dependent and courageous,’’ says the girl who studied in Pune at the St Mira’s College. But is this change to affect the sweet natured Jassi? She replies, ‘‘Jassi remains beautiful from the heart. It will only be a physical change.’’
So how is the otherwise humble Jassi going to assert herself? “She plans to buy a new Mercedes Benz and with Nandu posing as her boyfriend, she would portray herself as the true owner of Kohinoor,’’ says Mona.

Mona also spoke about her other interests in life. “I love to cook whenever I am not shooting and read success stories,” she says. Her favourite Hindi film actors and actresses are Dev Anand and Madhubala while ‘‘Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are the best among todays actors.”
The immediate future does not see Mona take on any other role. ‘‘I am busy with Jassi.... But maybe in the future, if I am offered a role along with Shah Rukh Khan,’’ she quips.
Pune winners Ujisha Unnikrishnan and Sunny Jayantilal Oswal got an opportunity to interact with Jassi.


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