Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Telecast Monday March 29 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Armaan asks Jassi why suddenly she wants to move out of her room (office). She tells him that her work and responsibility has increased and hence she needed more space for her work. Armaan tells that he would find it difficult with her working outside his room. She tells him that she is a responsible person and will ensure that there is no problem after she moves to another

When Jassi turns to leave Armaan office, Armaan asks her where she is going. She tells him that it is 6.00pm. Armaan and Raj are surprised. Armaan enquires how come she is leaving so early. She tells him that her work hours completes at 6.00pm. Before Armaan could say something, Raj tells Jassi goodnite. Jassi responds with 'good evening' (which is funny!). Raj tells Armaan, that Armaan should not allow Jassi to leave current her office (which is inside Armaan's office) at any condition.

Nandu is at an open door restaurant. He tells the waiter to get 'lassi' every 15 minutes as he has long wait ahead. He is waiting for Jassi. Jassi immediately comes, and they both are happy to see each other. Nandu asks whether Armaan did not make her wait after office hours. She tells him that she has changed. Nandu wants to order something to eat. But Jassi refuses, says that she is fed-up of eating outside food and will go home to eat food prepared by her Mother. Nandu asks her about her Alibagh trip. Jassi suddenly remembers that Armaan had come searching for her at Alibagh. She asks Nandu whether he had told Armaan about her whereabouts. He says no, but his 'dushman' mother blurted it out in front of Raj. Jassi tells him that she has a very good time, and she also made friends with two people, one a kid, Rohan and his brother Purab. She starts to sing Purab's praise. Nandu does not like it one bit. He is jealous that Purab might have replaced his position, as Jassi's best friend. He gets angry and walks off. Jassi looks after him, picks her stuff and leaves too.

When Jassi reaches home, Balwant comments about Armaan making her work overtime. She tells him that she was with Nandu and not at work. He tells that he knows that she went to Alibagh because she wanted to get away from Armaan. Jassi is dumbfounded; she continues to stare at Balwant. Bebe is standing behind Balwant is gesturing to Jassi that Rohan had called and that is how Balwant knows. But Jassi could not understand Bebe gestures. She looks at her dad and says I do not understand, which is meant for Bebe. While Balwant was questioning, Jassi mom comes and tells Jassi food is ready. Jassi uses that as an excuse and escapes from her dad's probing questions.

Raj and Armaan had Jassi's office room cleaned. The room looks much better. Jassi enters her office; Armaan immediately puts his hands on her eyes to give her surprise about her room. She immediately pushes his hands away from face. Armaan looks perplexed and little hurt. Raj leads her into her room. She and looks around at the changes in the room, but her expression does not change much. They tell her that the one spare room has been given to Aryan and it would be difficult to get her a room right now. She tells them she is willing to stay in the current room temporarily. Armaan and Raj leave her room. Armaan is angry that she is going to stay there only temporarily.

Jassi comes out of her office carrying a file. Armaan asks her where she is going. She tells him that she is going to the lawyer. Raj offers to go along with her. She refuses says that Nandu waiting for her at the lawyers office.

Armaan looks angry when he hears Nandu's name. Nandu is at Jassi's home, ready to leave for the lawyer office, when Balwants stops him and asks him to work on Jassi's resume. Nandu tries to tell him that he has to meet Jassi, Balwant brushes it away and makes him work on Jassi's resume.

Jassi is at the lawyer's office. She has a serious look on her face. She tells the lawyer that he is her lawyer, but he his taking Gulmohor's side. He has smug look on his face, and indicates that he knows what is happening. She removes the video camera, and shows him the shot where he is taking money from Raj, and tells him that she will use this against him to show
that he is taking money from Gulmohor to work against her (Kohinoor). She tells him that he will loose his license. He gets very nervous and apologetic. He is back on track. He informed her that the court has sent the order against Gulmohor.

Mallika is checking with the gang members whether the work relating to the fashion show is done. Ruby tells her that Maddy is calling her. She says she is busy and will see him later. When she turns to go, she dashes into Jassi. She gives Jassi a disgusted look and asks her why was she pretending that she was in a rush and all busy, when she was not having any sponsibility for the fashion show. She taunts Jassi, she tells her that Jassi should come to the fashion show, and see how beautiful and decorated it would be. The gang is standing few feet away and listening to Mallika. They are upset with the way Mallika is talking to Jassi. Maddi comes rushing and tells her that the fashion show will not happen and to call everyone concerned to the boardroom. Mallika is stunned. She angrily tells Jassi to inform everyone.

Jassi, Mallika, Maddy and Aryan are in the boardroom. Armaan and Raj enter the boardroom. Armaan is surprised to see Jassi in the room. He asks her when she returned, she does not respond. Maddy tells them the fashion show cannot happen. Aryan tells them that because 'band' (strike) has been declared for Saturday (the day the fashion show was scheduled for), everything will be closed. Someone suggested postponing the show by one day. But Maddy says that it cannot be postponed as the model had to fly to France the next day. Then it was proposed to keep it one day earlier. To which Mallika said no, saying it would not be possible to make it arrangement one day earlier. Raj responded by saying that he has a 'magic wand', Jassi, who can help Mallika take care of all the arrangements. Mallika gets angry and agrees to do it one day earlier, but she will be in charge and on one else. Armaan tells Mallika that in time of crises she should keep her ego aside. She assures that this will be the best fashion show ever. Aryan smirks at the trio (Armaan, Raj and Jassi). They all file out of the room.

Armaan asks Jassi about her meeting with the lawyer. She tells him that the entire problem with the lawyer has been solved. She also informs that the court has sent the orders against Gulmohor. Armaan and Raj look tensed. The phone in her office rings, she goes to answer it. It is Nandu. Raj and Armaan listen to their conversation. Nandu tells her that he could not come to the lawyer's office because Balwants wanted him to update Jassi's resume.

Armaan and Raj are stunned.

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Telecast Date: Thursday March 25, 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Armaan stops in his track when he enters the boardroom for the board meeting. He has a shocked look on his face. Standing in front of him is Jassi with her head down. Mallika is standing in front of her. Armaan is relieved. In the room, Aryan, Armaan’s dad, Matty and Raj are also present.

Mallika confronts Jassi about taking leave without any intimation. Before Jassi could respond, Armaan interrupts trying to protect Jassi (or probably himself). But Jassi stops him from saying anything. She tells Mallika she is sorry for going away without informing anyone. Both Aryan and Mallika are not ready to let Jassi off so easily, and continue to confront her. Jassi tells them quite calmly that she has not taken any days off nor have they allowed her to take any holidays. To that Mallika asks her angrily whether Jassi thinks that she (Jassi) is doing Kohnioor’s ‘gulami’. Armaan’s dad speaks up. He says that Jassi has said sorry and that she was right when she said that she had not taken any days off. He added that she has never given any reason for complain, her work has always been perfect and he wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for good work & also for making the perfect engagment arrangement for Mallika and Armaan. Mallika looks angry, but keeps quiet. Everyone starts leaving the boardroom. Jassi turns to go, and finds Armaan is standing in her way. She looks at him, and without saying a word, moves past him.

When Jassi steps outside the boardroom the gang greet her with a garland.

They are thrilled to have Jassi back. They want to know all the juicy details of what she did during her time off. They also wanted to know whether Armaan and she came back together from Alibagh. She looks a little sad when she respond with a no. When they pester for more information about her trip. She tells them that she will provide the details during the lunchtime and goes to her office.

When she enters Armaan’s office Armaan and Raj are there. Armaan keeps looking at her angryily (he just cannot understand her now). It seems like Raj understood that Jassi has changed. He speaks with her nicely. Armaan tells her (angrily) about the problem with the Lawyer. He tells her that the lawyer was bribing them, as he has come to know their secret. She is surprised and wonders how the lawyer could have guessed. Armaan tells that Nandu could have leaked it out. Jassi tells them the way he trust her, similarly, she trust Nandu. Raj shows her the video shot, where the lawyer is taking the money from Raj. They will use this against the laywer.

Armaan tells Jassi to go along with Raj and him for lunch, as they had to discuss more about how to handle the lawyer’s issue. Jassi refuses to go along, which catches both Raj and Armaan off guard. She tells them she has promised to meet the gang during the lunchtime. Armaan is furious, but Raj controls the situation, and tells Jassi to go ahead and have lunch with her friends.

Jassi is in her little office; she opens her drawer and finds the poster with her and Armaan photo on it with heart between the two photos (the one she always keeps in her drawer). She thinks to herself that she has changed now and there was no need to have this poster. She tears the posters into two halfs. Nandu calls her and teases her when she tells him that she has changed. He tells her that if she had changed, she would have met him instead of rushing off to work. Armaan calls her loudly from the other room.

He tells her to get him black coffee (or tea, cannot remember, sorry!). She pauses for a moment, and then continues to talk with Nandu. They decide to meet in the evening. Nandu asks her whether she is sure that she will not be doing overtime as usual and make him wait for her. She promises that she will meet him on time in the evening. She hangs the phone. She then dials the canteen and orders coffee for Armaan.

Pari, the troublemaker, tells Mallika that she feels that Jassi is a bad omen for the company. She feels that the company is doing badl because of Jassi. She tells Mallika that Jassi being in charge of the fashion show will make a mess of it again. Mallika assures that nothing of that sort will happen and she will assign the work to Jassi, and the work would be to stay away from the fashion show.

Mallika goes to Armaan office, where Armaan, Raj and Jassi are present. She tells Jassi to send the all the files relating to the fashion show to her office. Armaan and Raj try to get Jassi as a part of the organizing team for the fashon show. Jassi speaks up and says that there is no need for so many people to get involved in the fashion show and Aryan and Mallika were handling it well enough. She hands over the files to Mallike. Mallika is shocked (worth seeing her face!) so are Armaan and Raj.

Jassi is searching for some file in her office, but cannot find it. She gets frustrated. There is a flashback…she thinks about what Purab told her…that she thinks about the world, but she does not think about herself. She comes back to the present. She decides that now onward she will think about herself. She decides that she will not work in that office.

She leaves her office, Armaan sees her and asks her rudely about his coffee…she turn to look towards the office door. At that moment, the office door opens and a guy comes in with the coffee. Raj gives a look to Armaan as if to say ‘hey man can you take it a bit cool’. Armaan starts to talk about work; she cuts him, and tells him that she wants to say something to him.

Both give her a wary look. She tells him that she will no longer work in the current office. She wants another office for herself, and that she will move out of the old office the next day. Armaan is shocked

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Telecast Date: Wednesday March 24, 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Armaan asks rohan whether he had seen someone with big, gasses and braces.
Rohan gets mad at Armaan and takes him on a wild goose chase. He leaves armaan in middle of the jungle and runs away to where Jassi was staying.

The hotel manager informed Rohan that Jassi and Bebe had already left. Rohan was surprised that Jassi had left without even meeting him. Manager tells him that Jassi has left something for him. He gives Rohan a kite and a letter. Jassi writes in the letter that she is not very good with goodbyes; hence she was leaving without meeting him. She tells him to take care of his brother Purab.

By the time Rohan finish reading the letter, armaan gets there. Armaan wants to know what Jassi has written in the letter. Rohan tells him that it is personal. He adds that Jassi has mentioned in the letter that she is going to the mountains for few days. She might go to Mussourie. Armaan is wondering why Jassi is acting so weird. He is now very tensed. He leaves the hotel and heads back to Mumbai.

Purab is walking on the beach, feeling very sad. He is remembering and missing Jassi. Rohan joins him and they share a nice moment. Malika is looking for armaan. Raj tells armaan jassi and Nandu are nowhere to be found. Armaan is tensed and enters the office looks around when Maria tells him to go to the meeting. He thinks and says that why did you leave me Jassi! Why? Now he and Raj would have to tell everyone the truth (the mess Gulmohor was in and also about Kohinoor) He enters the boardroom and is shocked by something. What could it be? Is Jassi back?

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Telecast Date: Tuesday March 23, 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Purab tries to know Jassi better and tries to convince her that she has a golden heart. And that she loves the whole world but not herself.

Raj makes Armaan believe that Jassi loves him and her heart beats for him.
Raj persuades Armaan to get Jassi back from Alibagh.

The Lawyer continues blackmailing Raj and asks for money as a part of the partnership in Gulmohur. Raj gives money to the lawyer in some parking lot and has a Gulmohor employee (sorry cannot remember the name) film him handing the money to the lawyer. The lawyer tell Raj that this money is only the 'shagun', meaning he will come back for more money.

Rohan tells bebe that Jassi and Purab should get married which leaves Bebe thinking. Armaan leaves to get Jassi back escaping Mallika's eye. Bebe is happy to see Jassi come back to her oldself. Jassi tells her that in trying to please everyone else, she lost herself. Now, she has found herself
(identity) and is happy. Bebe tries talking to Jassi about Purab. Jassi reads her mind and says that Marriage is not for her, she wants to just concentrate on her work now. Jassi packs her bag to leave.

The Manager informs Rohan that Jassi is leaving. Rohan is surprised and upset and goes in search of Purab. While he is running on the road a car comes and halts next to him (for a second it looked as if it would have hit Rohan). Rohan glares at the driver, the driver roll down the tinted windows...the driver is Armaan...both glare at each other. Armaan in his typical pompous style gestures with his index figure for Rohan to come close.

Preview: Raj informs Armaan that both Nandu and Jassi are missing and their family members are also not aware of their whereabouts. He adds that this is a serious situation. Armaan when entering Gulmohor is thinking how they could let him down especially when he has informed his dad about it.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Telecast Date: Monday March 22, 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Purab saves Jassi from drowning. Purab could not believe that Jassi did not know how to swim yet without giving it a second thought she jumped into the water to save Rohan. He shouts at her, she shouts backs saying she knows she is comes from a middleclass family and that she does not know how to swim, but she would not die, she is a survivor and would somehow survive.

In the meanwhile, Raj is trying all his tricks and luck to know Jassi's whereabouts from Nandu.Raj cannot outsmart Nandu but Mrs. Verma leaks the secret out to Raj indirectly without knowing it. Now Raj know Jassi is at Alibagh.

Purab appreciates Jassi courage, how she selflessly helps others but Jassi is lost in her own world of thoughts. Rohan makes up with Purab and they became friends and true brothers. Later, Jassi finds chocolate coins at a trail written "WE" "ARE" "SORRY". Purab and Rohan say 'sorry' to jassi and make her smile. The nutty manager also says sorry. When Jassi asked him why he was saying sorry. He said that Jassi smiled and looked happy when Purab and Rohan told her sorry, he thought he would make her more happy if he said sorry too. This makes all of them laugh.

Madi gets mad at Malika and her brother for not getting the right accessories and then says that he will not work until Jassi comes back.

Malika gets angry and tells Madi that she thought that he hated Jassi. Madi says he did not hate her work, he disliked Jassi's looks. Malika tells Armaan that next day at four o'clock there will be a board meeting and Jassi has to there and give them a reason for not being in the office. If Jassi is not not present then the board will take a decision without Jassi and move on. Raj comes in and Armaan tells Raj about the meeting. Raj assures Malike that Jassi will be back in Gulmohur at the meeting tomorrow. Armaan is surprised because he doesn't know that Raj knows that he know where Jassi is.

Preview: Tonight, Rohan gets Bebe thinking when he tells her that Purab and Jassi should get married. Meanwhile, Armaan leaves for Alibagh to get Jassi back.Will he find her?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Telecast Date: Thursay March 18, 2004

Posted by: Ashwirya Shetty

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin Show TRP on  a highJassi and Purab look at each other while Rohan is sulking in the background. Jassi asks Purab about his and Rohan's relationship. Purab asks for Jassi's help as Rohan likes Jassi and might listen to her. Purab calls her Jassi and then apologizes. He asks Jassi if he can call her Jassi. Jassi seems to be a bit surprised to hear her name from Purab. She nods a yes.

Purab quickly tells her that she should not add `ji' after his name and he hates `ji'. Jassi tells him that both the brothers share a lot of hate. That he Purab hates ji while Rohan hates Purab. Purab tells Jassi that one should run away as happiness does not follow everywhere. This sets Jassi thinking about how she is running away. Armaan meanwhile is guarding Jassi's cabin like an experienced watchman. Mallika is adamant to get through. Armaan is thinking about how to stop her. Raj quickly asks Armaan if he has the keys. Armaan is as usual quick to catch on the ishara.

He looks from Raj to Mallika in a but off course fashion and says that he does not have the keys and the door is looked. Mallika and Aryan are amused.

Aryan is shooting wicked smiles. Mallika does not fall for Armaan's lies this time. She smartly asks him if he expects that she would believe that he will not have the keys to the cabin and that he means Jassi locks her cabin and does not divulge with the keys. Armaan sticks to his ground. Mallika and Aryan helplessly leave. Armaan and Raj breathe a sigh of relief and Raj unwisely tells Armaan that it seems that they are at war now. Armaan is very angry, bangs his hand to the pillar and referring to Jassi says that where she has got him in trouble.

Jassi sits on the front stairs leading to their room. She remembers purab's comments about running away and how unknowingly they actually fit her life.

Flashback to Armaan telling Jassi that she is his favorite assistant, Armaan giving her car keys and Armaan giving her a rose. Jassi seems to take a deep breathe and gets up. she then remembers Armaan plainly telling her forget the way she was insulted and head straight to Gulmohur. Jassi thinks that she cannot continue like this.

Next day, Jassi comes out of her room with her hands filled with picnic materials. She seems to be very eager to go and hit the picnic spot. She calls on Bebe and asks her to move quickly. She is very impatient which makes Bebe tells her that she is not of her age. Jassi smiles and says that then Bebe should walk like Jassi's age. They look at each other and smile.

As they turn around their smiles drop. They see Purab and the ever ready to slip into any role sardar on a bullock cart. Purab looks grumpy like Billo usually does. Jassi is surprised to not find Rohan. She asks Purab where Rohan is. Purab says he is sitting behind. Jassi and Bebe walk behind the cart. Rohan is lying down and is sulking because he did not get to sit in the front. Bebe smartly tells him that princes don't drive their carts. Purab is grumpy as ever. Bebe notices this and whispers this in Rohan's ears. Rohan says that Purab is kharoos.

Armaan and Raj are back to square one. Today they have to get Jassi's cabin open to Mallika and Aryan who had warned yesterday about breaking the door if things get out of hand. Both are filling up large cartons with the files from Jassi's cabin. Armaan angrily tells Raj that he has to clear his secretary's cabin. Raj asks him about other titles that he bestowed on Jassi like his assistant, vice- president of finance, owner of Kohinoor. Armaan is angry and tells Raj to shut up as Jassi will always remain his secretary. He is eager to get the files out. Raj asks him to wait and first let him make sure that the coast is clear. He comes out and finds himself face to face with Aryan who wants to know when Armaan will come to he can enter the cabin. Raj lies that Armaan has not yet arrived. Aryan mocks Raj that he has made Armaan's cabin his new home. Raj asks Aryan to stop doing chowkidari. Aryan wryly smiles and reminds him that today they somehow will have to open Jassi's cabin. Raj says he knows. Aryan leaves. Raj and Armaan sigh in relief and quickly grab the boxes and turn to leave. Maithalee comes in and her eyes pop out on seeing Armaan and Raj in their new coolie avatar. She asks them if they want her help. Armaan and nazreen hold one box while Maithalee helps Raj with his box. They make quite a loony pari. Four of them juggle boxes between them and get out of the lift. Bindiya sees pari coming and asks them to go in after first telling the struggling four to come out.

Nazreen and Maithalee push Armaan and Raj back into the lift. When pari comes Bindiya informs her about some manager wanting to meet Armaan. she praises pari and pari looks happy and leaves. when she leaves, the four of them come out again and continue with their balancing act. Armaan is very uncomfortable. Mallika seems to be heading towards them. Trishala tries to keep her at bay by giving her wrong calls. Some Mallika is heading Armaan's way. Ruby's antennae sense this and she warns Armaan and Raj. Raj and Maithalee ungainly walk and hide behind the pillar. Armaan is so taken aback that he leaves the box in nazreen's hand and quickly hides. Nazreen stands like a display statue with her back towards Mallika. Mallika is stopped by ruby who praises Mallika for her choice and leads her away to select outfits for models.
Armaan, Raj and company search Gulmohur and hide the boxes.

Purab and Bebe watch Jassi and Rohan playing. Bebe tells Purab that Jassi is making Rohan understand while he should understand something from that.purab and Jassi walk alone on the beach. Jassi tells Purab that he has to get close to Rohan. She asks him to fold in pants, remove shoes. She leaves Purab thinking. He frowns. Purab, Jassi and Rohan fly kites. Its Rohan and Jassi verses Purab. Jassi tries to make Rohan understand that just like to fly kites air, kite, thread and person handling the kite are important similarly to be happy a house, family rishte etc are important. She gets lost in her thoughts and she mishandles the reel which makes their kite fall. Purab looks sad. Rohan is angry at Jassi and he storms off.

Nandu waters the plants and asks them to not complain to Jassi. someone unknowingly to Nandu enters the house. Nandu goes and sits near the computer. Someone grabs his shoulder and Nandu jumps like he has got an electric shock. He is surprised to see Raj and asks Raj if he cannot simply just say hello and stretch his hand forward. Raj apologizes and tells Nandu that he has not come to know about Jassi but meet Nandu who he believes is a finance genius. Nandu's eyes shine. He says off course he is good at finance. Raj plays along and mentions names of financing companies. Nandu gets excited. Raj takes Nandu to a five-star hotel to talk. They reach the club. Nandu is impressed by the way a girl comes and hugs Raj while Raj does his usual flirt routine. Raj introduces Nandu to the girl and calls Nandu as his finance consultant.
Nandu puts back his shoulders and tells the girl that she can call him Nandu. His dreams seem to have been realized when the girl hugs him. Raj looks disgusted. The girl leaves and Raj guides Nandu to a table. He orders for alcohol and gets Nandu drinking. Nandu talks about how he is quite impressed by Raj. Raj is trying to keep up a smile. Nandu talks about how he cannot sustain his impressions.

Raj tries to get Jassi into the picture with all his talks. Nandu seems to have lost control by now. His glasses are askew and hair ruffled. He looks zonked off and makes kissing sounds in the air. Raj looks sick

Jassi is now with Rohan and asks him if he does not want a home. Rohan says he has hostel. Jassi tries to make him realize that he is lucky to have a brother. Rohan is angry and asks her whose side she is on. Jassi smiles and says she is on both the sides. Rohan is angry and says that he knows she sides Purab and he runs towards the sea. Jassi is worried and runs behind him. Both get deeper into the sea. Jassi cannot even notice Rohan and the salty water in her eyes is making things worst. Purab notices this and runs towards the sea. Bebe shouts for Jassi and sprints behind Purab. Purab shouts for Rohan. Rohan calls out to Purab and says that he is fine but Jassi is not. Purab searches for Jassi but Jassi is nowhere to be seen. He notices Jassi caught in the waves.

Preview- Mady wants Jassi. Mallika is upset and asks Mady that she thought Mady hated her. Mady says that he hates her ugly looks but not her work. Mallika is taken aback.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin - Summarised Story

Tonight, Rohan decides to drown himself because he doesn’t like Jassi befriending Purab. Although Jassi can't swim she jumps into the water to save him...
Previous Episodes

Telecast Date: Monday 1st, March 2004

Jassi is stumped to see her lawyer sitting in Armaan’s cabin. The lawyer is there to serve the notice to Gulmohar. Jassi panics but then, manages to turn the situation in her favour. Meanwhile, Raj gets a call asking him to visit the figure-fine gym at 4.30 pm. Raj goes to the gym, and sees Pari working out on the treadmill. The trainer confirms that she is not pregnant. Raj returns to Gulmohar with an exuberant look on his face and invites the whole clan to his engagement. What is he up to?

Telecast Date: Tuesday 2nd, March 2004

Raj continues to be enthusiastic about his engagement with pari. This is the calm before the storm! That night, during his engagement reception, he decides to call Pari’s father and disclose the good news of the engagement and the pregnancy! Pari panics and blurts out the truth! Raj is free...finally! But all is not well, the caterer calls Jassi and backs out! Who is now going to cook for all the guests?

Telecast Date: Wednesday 3rd, March 2004

The engagement is only a day away and there is no caterer available. Jassi and the clan make all the calls possible, but it’s all in vain. They decide to go to Jassi’s house to make some more calls, when a solution comes up...Amrit has decided to cook for the function! The enthusiasm builds and spreads.... the clan joins in and they have a ball dishing out different recipes. Back at Gulmohar, Pari finds the clan missing and she calls Jassi’s house to check on them. When she realizes that they are all there, she reports this to Mallika and they decide to pay Jassi a visit!

Telecast Date: Thursday 4th, March 2004

Armaan hears Pari and Mallikas conversation and cannot let them go to Jassi’s house as all his plans will get foiled! Back at Jassi’s house, the cooking goes on all night......the day of the engagement dawns and Jassi tells Armaan that of the efforts put in by her family and the clan. Armaan invites her family to the function. Jassi goes to Armaans house to supervise the decorations, flowers, cake....puts in her best. But her heart is sad to see Armaan and Mallika together. That night while the family is getting ready to leave, Jassi decides not to go for the engagement!

Telecast Date: Monday 8th, March 2004

Jassi refuses to attend Amaan’s engagement but finally gives in after the clan convinces her. Nandu understands her state of mind only because he has lost chesta! He sees a diamond ring lying under the divan and decides to try his luck with Chesta once again! Panic hits the Jassi household as Armaans engagement ring for Mallika is missing!,Jassi desperately looks for the ring, while a beaming Nandu proposes to Chesta with it. Armaan calls Jassi for the ring but she manages to cover up the incident. Poor Nandu gets rejected and he returns to Jassis house amidst the "ring search" mission and tells them about the ring.

Telecast Date: Tuesday 9th, March 2004

Nandu produces the ring and Jassi almost shrieks with joy! Everyone leaves for the engagement party. While everyone is at the party, the lawyers arrive at Gulmohar to take inventory and are greeted by Raj. Jassi tries her best to be normal but little does she realise that the entire function is not according to Mallika’s taste. Worse still, Mallika has figured out that Jassi co-ordinated the flowers and the food! Mallika humiliates Jassi and destroys her self-esteem. Jassi walks out from the party, completely dazed while all the guests praise her for the arrangements.

Jassi, Arman and Raj in officeTelecast Date: Wednesday 10th, March 2004

The party is a hit! Everyone loves the food and decor but Jassi is missing! Someone else is missing too; Raj, who is at Gulmohar with the lawyers. Raj is in the mood for celebration and is quite drunk! In his drunken state, he tells the lawyers that Jassi will take a decision in the benefit of the company. The lawyers catch on and become suspicious of the deal. Raj returns to the party in time for the ring ceremony when the lawyer calls and tells him that he is aware of their clever scheme! Raj informs Armaan and they panic and decide to call Jassi. Jassi reaches home and breaks into tears. Bebe and Nandu comfort her but Jassi doesn’t say anything. Armaan calls up and Nandu does not let Jassi take the call.

Telecast Date: Wednesday 11th, March 2004

Raj decides to meet the lawyer. The lawyer gives him an ultimatum, he wants a partnership in the Gulmohar-Kohinoor scheme! Otherwise he threatens to disclose the case in court! Raj tells Armaan and they desperately try to get in touch with Jassi...but fail. Raj chides Armaan for letting Mallika treat Jassi badly and warns him that they could be in trouble...after all; the lawyers could easily contact her. They immediately leave for Jassi’s house. Back at Jassis house, Bebe tries to cheer Jassi...nandu tries to get the truth out of her...but Jassi is quiet...and then, she requests bebe to take her out of town for a while. Bebe and jassi leave.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Meet the new man in Jassi’s Life

He’s the new man in Jassi’s life. Delhi boy Sameer Soni, a St Xavier’s School alumnus, plays Purab, a cut and dry businessman in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin on Sony TV.

In the serial, Jassi leaves Gulmohar House when she is sacked by Mallika (Rakshanda Khan) after she gets to know that her engagement party was planned by Jassi (Mona Singh) and Armaan.

Accompanying her parents to a wedding, Jassi meets Purab. “We gel as both Jassi and I have a disjointed life. I play a businessman who finds it hard to express himself but has a heart of gold. He is trying to establish a relationship with his ten-year-old step-brother and Jassi helps him do that,” says Soni.

Having learnt theatre under Barry John, Soni made his Bollywood foray with China Gate and then worked in Baghban as well. “I’m looking forward to the release of Dance Like A Man, Anoushka Shanker’s debut film. Last year, if you’d asked me if I will do television, the answer would have been in the negative. But the role of Purab is so endearing that I couldn’t say no to the producers,” says Soni.

A graduate in finance from the University of California, Soni’s family wanted him to focus on academics and stay away from the world of glamour. “After satisfying my parents with a degree, I jumped into Bollywood and shifted base to Mumbai seven years back,” says Soni.

Hoping that his character will go down well with the viewers, Soni does agree that television has great reach. “Television has far greater time constraints unlike films that have the luxury of the time. But TV is something new for me and I hope that Purab will get the same acceptance as the other characters in the serial.”

Courtesy: Hindustan Times
-Asmita Aggarwal
11 March


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