Thursday, October 23, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 10

Pari agrees to spy for Aryan in exchange for his keeping quiet about her role in damaging Jassi’s PC. Raj and Arman close the deal with Lavina, buying lower quality fabrics and are told by the Lavina reps (Diana and Santanu ) that they can also buy other supplies from them. Santanu, who handles Gulmohur’s account, notices that Jassi has Arman’s complete confidence and asks her if she is the one that reviews the contracts before Arman signs them. Arman hatches a plan with Raj to be able to meet Mandira Vázquez and starts flirting with her. But, his reputation has preceded him and she knows who he is and that he’s engaged to Mallika. Santanu gives Jassi the samples for the other supplies and asks her to review them and tells her that they can also buy these from Lavina and that he will call her the next day to maybe get together for coffee. Jassi tells Arman that everything is ready for signing the contract and since he is flirting with Mandira, he gets upset with her and acts in his usual rude way. Jassi calls home to tell her parents that she is on her way and Balwant gives her the third degree because it’s so late. He asks if Arman is bringing her home and she says yes. After the contract is signed, Jassi wants to talk to Arman, to ask if he needs her to stay, but again he’s trying to woo Mandira and tells Jassi to just go. Mallika calls Arman on his cellular and asks him why he isn’t home yet. He decides to play it safe and goes home.

In his car, Arman is moaning about how he had to let Mandira get away, that Raj is right, that he can’t get involved with women from the fashion world, he needs to get involved with unknown women and starts asking himself where he could find such a woman… At that very moment he notices Jassi walking on the sidewalk down this dark and desolate street. He stops his car and asks her why she’s there by herself and she tells him that she was trying to catch a cab and thought that she’d have better luck if she walked down to a main road. He offers her a ride, which she doesn’t want to accept, but he insists and she agrees.

When they get to Jassi’s house, Arman tells her that he needs her help to be able to make things work. Balwant scolds Jassi for getting home so late. Mallika questions Arman about his latest conquest, and he answers that it is Jassi, and Mallika can’t help but laugh since she was asking him about “another woman” not Jassi. Oh, Marcelita, reality bites!! Jassi writes in her diary about Arman, that she is happy that he is confiding his innermost thoughts to her, that he stands up for her against everyone, and that he needs her because of work, but she needs him because she loves him.

The next day, Balwant tells Bebe and Jassi that he’s on the verge of unemployment because his company went bankrupt. This is of great concern to Jassi and she tells Balwant that she’s getting a raise at work and will be able to take over the expenses at home. She also remembers, to herself, about the Lavina guy’s comments. Nandu asks Jassi to help him find a job at Gulmohur. Santanu calls Jassi to ask her out to lunch. Pari complains to Mallika about her financial woes. Arman asks Raj to be attentive with Pari, to make sure that she doesn’t start spying for Aryan.

Jassi goes with Arman to all the banks to register her signature as an authorized Gulmohur signature, in addition to Arman and Raj. Jassi tells Arman that she has a person in mind for Gulati’s job, her friend who is an economist, and he tells her that he can’t decide just yet, to just give him his résumé and he’ll let her know later. The Gang ask Jassi about the previous night’s cocktail party, and they want to know if he noticed how nice she looked, but she tells them he paid no attention to her. Jassi tells them that she has other plans for lunch and can’t go with them. They ask her with whom, but Jassi says nothing. Arman tells Mallika and Maddy that he wants Mandira to model in the next launching, which makes Mallika jealous, since Arman mentioned that he’d seen her at the cocktail party the night before.

Pari sees when Santanu picks Jassi up to go to lunch. Arman tells Mallika that he, Raj, and Mallika will travel to the Hong Kong and that Jassi will be left in charge while they’re away. Maddy and Mallika are completely opposed to this idea. Santanu asks Jassi if anyone knows that she’s going out to lunch with him and she says no, but that she also wants to know why he is being so mysterious. He tells her that since she has so much influence with Arman, he needs her help to get him to buy the rest of the supplies from Lavina, and that if this happens she’ll get a commission of 5% amounting to Rs.30,00,000. She tells him that this is unethical, that she doesn’t agree, and that she’s not going to risk her job for it. Santanu tells her to think about it because he could give her a 10% discount on the sale. Jassi leaves the restaurant very preoccupied.

Berta and Sofia subject Jassi to an interrogation about her lunch date, and Jassi is still tight-lipped, and they ask her if she had lunch with Nandu, her platonic love, because they are eager to meet him. Sofia asks Jassi if they’ve given her a pay raise now that she’s assistant to the Chairman, and when Jassi says they haven’t, Sofia tells her to talk to Arman. Jassi says she wouldn’t dare. Bebe calls Jassi and tells her that her dad’s situation is pretty bad at work.

Arman, Raj, and Jassi are meeting to figure out the expenses for the new launching, and they’re cutting costs. They ask Jassi for copies of the supply samples and Jassi adds Lavina’s proposal to the pile, which takes Arman by surprise. She tells him that Santanu gave her the samples and offered them a 10% discount. Arman asks to cut corners even more, but his friend asks him not to do it because the cheaper materials are really low quality. But Arman only wants to lower costs so he can meet his goals and doesn’t listen to Raj’s advice. Jassi has to do an analysis of the proposed expenses and has to select the best provider. She mentions San Remo and Lavina and reminds them about Santanu’s offer of a discount, so Arman tells her to contact Lavina to negotiate the sale.

Aryan meets with Pari at her apartment, where she tells him that Arman went to all the banks with Jassi, and tells him that while Arman is out of town on business, Jassi is going to be at the helm of Gulmohur. And also tells him that she saw Jassi with Santanu, adding that this was very suspicious. Aryan tells Pari that he doesn’t care about Jassi’s whereabouts, he wants to know what Arman is up to. But Pari has planted the seed of doubt, so Aryan talks with Gulati to ask about who is well known for offering bribes and asks him to find out if Jassi is being paid under the table by Lavina. Aryan and Pari go to bed, after which he just leaves her and she feels used.

Jassi gets home and is very worried to find her dad drunk and sad, since he is definitely going to be laid off. Jassi tells Nandu about not being able to get him a job at Gulmohur and also to please not show up there because she told her friends that she was in love with him. He is surprised to hear this and asks her when this happened. Jassi tells him not to be an idiot, that she is not in love with him, she’s just using him as an excuse since her co-workers are either married or dating. And that he also can’t show up because she’s described him to them as tall, strong, a real Casanova, with money and power. Jassi tells Nandu about the bribe offer, which she says would be her salvation. She also tells him that Lavina is offering the best prices, that there’s nothing underhanded about their offer. Nandu advises her against taking the bribe. Raj offers to give Maria a ride home, but they end up at a hotel where they sleep together. Jassi confides in her diary that she could accept the bribe without feeling guilty because she knows her family needs the money, but she also feels that doing this would be to betray Arman, but on the other hand she needs to help her dad and it hurts her to see him suffer. So she has to decide between being loyal to her boss or helping her father. She decides to help her dad. She dreams with Arman and is about to kiss him when her mother wakes her from her dream.

Arman asks Jassi to get him in touch with Lavina so they can close the deal. Gulati visits Santanu and gets him to talk about the dealings with Gulmohur. Veeru gets upset when he finds out that Maria never made it home the night before and especially when he realizes that she spent the night with Raj Calderón. Arman asks Raj about why he is late getting to work and Raj tells him about his evening with the receptionist. And, he tells Arman that maybe he should go out with Jassi, but they both decide this isn’t even possible because Jassi is so ugly.

Raj, Arman, and Jassi meet with Lavina to close the deal, and Diana tells Arman that she’s pleased that they’ve decided to buy everything from them. He says that they should thank Jassi since she’s the one that included them in the group of bids. Jassi is obviously uncomfortable, but Santanu and Diana thank her for her help.

Arman is worried that the new line won’t be a success and he tells Raj that they need to establish a phantom company with which to do all their business dealings, and which could put a lien on them prior to the banks doing so. And, that since this would entail a complete take over of Gulmohur, they need to have someone running the company who is completely and absolutely loyal. Arman immediately thinks of Jassi. Santanu calls Jassi and tells her that the business deal will net her Rs.30 lakhs and that he needs to find out how he can get the money to her. She tells him that she’ll call him later. Gulati calls Santanu from Aryan’s office and tapes the conversation, during which Santanu tells him that thanks to Jassi the deal with Gulmohur came through and that he’s going to give Jassi a commission for her assistance.

Jassi goes to lunch with Gang and they are talking about how Maria has landed a rich boyfriend, and they say that it’s obvious that she will be the only one who will be able to climb out of poverty. Maria tells them that the only one will actually be Jassi, since she’s the one with the degrees, with the boss who thinks she walks on water. Sofía tells them that Jassi has a boss that won’t even give her a pay raise and that Jassi will never have that kind of money, to which Jassi responds… who knows what could happen? Jassi remembers her conversation with Santanu and starts to dream about what she would do if she had a lot of money (if I were a rich gal…).

Jassi is still at Office Cafe with Gang and is dreaming about what she’ll do with the money from the Lavina deal. We see her arriving at Gulmohur in a chauffeur (Veeru) driven Mercedes Benz. She is dressed in a Chanel-type outfit in black and white, with a ridiculous hat and huge Bette Davis-like sunglasses. She invites the Gang to lunch at the club and they all pile into the Mercedes like in some old movie where you could just fit tons of people into a car with no problem. They have lunch at the club, and are joined by Arman and Raj, who are fawning all over Jassi. After lunch, Arman and Jassi take a stroll through the club’s grounds, and in the distance we see the Gang and Raj actually FROLICKING, with Raj doing a cartwheel! Jassi introduces her parents and Nandu to Arman, telling Arman that Nandu and Balwant run a business that does the accounting for large corporations. Bebe is wearing a tennis outfit, while Nandu and Balwant are dressed to the nines in golf outfits. Arman tells Jassi that he’d like to take her out to dinner that evening, but as usual, she wakes up and realizes it’s all ONLY A DREAM! (especially the part when Mallika and Maddy are actually civil to her).

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 9

Arman tells everyone that the report is ready and that the meeting will take place after all. Aryan is upset because he won’t have the chance to do the audit he planned to do. The Gang helps Jassi to put everything together for the meeting, and kind of fix her up so she’ll look better at the meeting. They rev her up for her big moment with words of encouragement. As Jassi starts her presentation, Mallika gives her one of those “if looks could kill” looks and keeps staring at her to make her nervous. But Jassi is cool as a cucumber and tells everyone that Arman’s first two months at the helm of Gulmohur have been successful and stable. Sandra, who lost an earring during her fight with PC guy, goes back to his office and notices that he is hiding something and tells the Gang about her suspicions. Since they know that Jassi told him not to touch anything, they go back to try to get the papers away from him. Aryan reviews Jassi’s reports and asks her questions to try to trip her, which he fails miserably at because Jassi is able to answer everyone of his inquiries and comes out of the inquisition smelling fresh as a rose. The Gang want to give Jassi the copies that they took away from PC guy, before he realizes, but since Jassi is still with the Board Meeting, they elect Berta to deliver the reports to her. Pari makes fun of the Gang because she says none of them are dressed appropriately to go into the Board meeting. The PC guy realizes that the Gang took the reports he’d printed out.

Mr. Suri congratulates Jassi for her report and presentation, and Aryan says that she should be the Chairman (another BIG clue here!). Arman tells the Board Meeting that Jassi will be promoted to assistant to the Chairman and Robert agrees to this. He says that the next meeting will be held in September, right before Arman and Mallika’s wedding. The Gang fills Jassi in on the latest developments and give her the reports. As the Board members are leaving the room, Mr. Suri congratulates Jassi on her new position which makes Pari furious. Jassi tells Arman about the PC guy’s actions and the fact that the Gang took them away from him.

Jassi and Arman go to see the PC guy and Jassi tells Arman that the guy has copies of all her files. Arman pressures the PC guy to tell him why he’s so interested in those files. He threatens him with dire consequences if he doesn’t get the whole truth out, about who’s behind the whole thing. The PC guy admits that Gulati told him to do it. Arman fires the PC guy and tells Wilson to check him over to make sure he’s not taking anything he shouldn’t be taking. Gulati tells Aryan that Arman knows that they messed up Jassi’s computer, and Aryan reminds him that he wants his name out of it. Arman asks Gulati about the problem with Jassi’s PC, and he says it is because Jassi is trying to take away his job and he wanted her to look bad with the Board Meeting. Arman asks if Aryan is involved and also for the name of the person who actually messed up Jassi’s computer. Gulati doesn’t say anything and Arman fires him. Since the Board members were still taking care of some business at Gulmohur, Arman gets them together again and asks Jassi to join them. He tells everyone about Gulati’s actions and his plot against Jassi.

Aryan says that they should sue Gulati, and that he will make sure that someone is selected to replace Gulati. Arman says that he’s not going to hire anyone who isn’t his own choice. He stands up for Jassi in front of everyone and says that he wants to name her Financial VP, but the Board is dead set against this. He says that then she will be his assistant but that at the next Board meeting the issue will be addressed again. Aryan tells Pari that he knows that she’s the one that messed up Jassi’s computer and tells her that he’ll be waiting for her in his office. Arman congratulates Jassi for everything she did at the Board Meeting, gives her a big hug, thanks her for all her help, and tells her that he’s giving her a raise. Jassi tells the Gang about her promotion. Arman tells Raj that he’s sure of Pari’s role in the situation with Jassi’s PC. Sofia and Berta tell Jassi that the only person who had been around her office had been Pari, who spent quite some time there, which must mean she is the one who messed up her PC. Arman says that he’s worried about Aryan and Pari’s strange relationships, and asks Raj to take care of her and keep dating her. Mallika tells Pari that Jassi keeps getting more powerful, especially now that Arman had said that he wants her as Financial VP. Jassi tells Raj and Arman that it is impossible to reach the goals they’ve set for the company.

Jassi tells Arman and Raj that to be able to reach their goals, they need to lower the quality of the fabrics used for the designs. That they have to reduce costs to be able to increase production, but that even doing that it isn’t sure that they’ll be able to meet their goals without putting the company at risk. Jassi tells Arman that it is best if he talks to the Board Meeting and face them by telling them that he won’t be able to meet his goals. He’s against giving up the chairmanship, and with Raj’s support decides to put it all on the line. That night, Arman asks Jassi to join him to close a deal with RagTela because he wants her to review the contract prior to signing it. She tells the Gang that she is going to a cocktail party with her boss and asks their help to look better. She also calls home to say that she’s going to be late because of a business meting. In the bathroom, the Gang congratulates Jassi and joke that Arman is going to fall for her, since he gives her rides and takes to cocktail parties, something he never did with his old secretary. Inesita gets an outfit from Maddy’s atelier and they fix Jassi up.

As soon as Arman sees her he tells her that she looks “divina,” and Raj and Arman tell her she looks great. However, as we all suspected, this is only one of Jassi’s daydreams. The cruel reality is that Arman doesn’t pay attention to how she looks and just tells her to get ready to go. Since Jassi isn’t used to wearing high heels, she runs into Arman a few times, and to avoid falling holds on to him, which makes him mad. Maria flirts with Raj and when they say good night, Raj kisses her on the lips.

At the cocktail party, they run into Mandira , and Arman doesn’t miss the chance to flirt with her, leaving Jassi alone, who again stumbles and falls, much to Arman’s chagrin. Pari goes to Aryan’s office, where he treats her like dirt and asks her for sex in exchange for not letting everyone know what she did to Jassi’s computer, since this would make her look bad to the Mendozas and Valencias. He also tells her that he needs her to spy on Arman. Pari is offended by his request.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 8

After work, Jassi is waiting for her bus to go home when Arman comes out of the garage in his car and offers to give her a ride home. He tells her that since she’s his assistant, she needs to get a car, and she tells him that with her salary she can’t afford to get a car. He tells her that from now on he’s going to take her home every night. He turns on the radio and the song just happens to be a favorite of both of theirs, which makes Arman somewhat amorous and he invites Jassi to go listen to a jazz band at a favorite watering hole. He says that they’re always talking about work and he’d like to get to know her better. Jassi reminds him that she has to finish the report, but Arman says that they can go out, and then go to his apartment and finish the report together. He holds her hand and tells her that he’s very happy to have her with him. Just at that moment someone yells out Arman’s name, and it’s one of the models who’s leaving Gulmohur – time to wake up from your daydream dear Jassi! The model asks Arman for a ride, he starts his car, which he stops when he sees Jassi to tell her to remember to do the report. When she gets home she tells her mother and Nandu that Arman will name her his assistant at a meeting the next morning.

Mallika complains to Mrs. Suri and Mr. Suri about all the responsibility that Arman is giving Jassi. Nandu tells Jassi that she should be proud of all the responsibility that Arman is entrusting her with when she’s only a secretary. Nandu tells Jassi that she should also be proud that with all the women lusting after Arman, she’s the one that’s making Mallika nervous. At the same time, Mrs. Suri is telling Mallika that she can’t believe that she’s fighting with Arman over a girl as ugly as Jassi, because she just can’t fathom that anything could be going on between them. Mallika laughs since of course Jassi is so ugly, and Arman has much better taste in women than that. Jassi tells Nandu about having to doctor the report to the Board Meeting, and he tells her that she’s treading on dangerous ground and someone can find out what she’s doing. She tells him that all the information is password protected on her computer and that only a real computer genius could access the information. As Jassi is saying this, Gulati is in her office with Gulmohur’s computer guy trying to access said password-protected files. Computer guy tells Gulati that the files are inaccessible. Pari asks Raj to promote her to his assistant AND that he also make their personal relationship known. Raj tells her that this is not the appropriate moment for either of her requests. Jassi tells Nandu that it looks like Pari and Raj are an item, and that if Nandu aspires to anything with someone like Pari, he’s going to need a lot of money for her to notice him!

The next morning, Jassi is running late and has another of her encounters with Wilson, who tells her that he’s going to report her late and is going to get in trouble. To which Jassi, way to go Jassi!, tells him that she’s just going to go back home and that he can tell Arman where she is and that if he needs the report she prepared he can come get it. Wilson begs her to stay because this could lead to Arman firing him, and even gets down on his knees to beg her to stay. Pari arrives and makes fun of Wilson, and Jassi asks him how come he’s not going to report Pari as arriving late.

Gulati and Pari agree to mess up Jassi’s PC so she won’t be able to make her report to the Board. To do this they get her out of her office using some lame excuse and Pari does the deed.

Arman talks to Maddy and Mallika to ask them to not mention the issue of the fabric being used for the new designs. Mallika talks to Arman about his relationship with Jassi, saying that it is negatively affecting theirs because for him Jassi is perfect. When Jassi goes back to her office and turns on her PC, she realizes that she can’t access any of her files. Arman is all over Jassi to get her to fix the problem and scolds her for not keeping backup diskettes with the information. They call the PC guy to fix the computer, but he says that he has to take it with him to look at it. Arman goes on one of his famous tirades and yells at Jassi. She starts yelling back, telling him that he’s making her nervous with all the yelling. He’s taken aback by Jassi’s reaction and tells her to follow the PC guy and stay with him until the PC is fixed.

Everyone is gathered at the Board room and Arman tells them that they can’t have the meeting because the report is in Jassi’s damaged computer. Gulati tells Aryan that he took care of screwing up Jassi’s computer (he calls her “la doble fea,” or the “double ugly” kind of the opposite of triple-papito!). Aryan is not very happy about this and tells Gulati that he doesn’t want his name associated with it. The PC guy tells Jassi to cancel the meeting because he’s not going to be able to get the PC fixed just then and asks her for her passwords. Before the Board members, he says that the PC broke down because it was being misused, and Jassi tells him that this is impossible because she’s an experienced computer user. Aryan scolds Jassi for her failure to have back-up copies of the files and she is left looking like a fool in front of everyone. Aryan is about to leave, but Mrs. Suri asks him to stay for lunch. Mr. Suri tells Arman to give up on trying to promote “la feita” (“the little ugly one”) and to just let Pari take care of the meeting. Arman says that he won’t promote Jassi after all. Jassi is in her office and Arman arrives to get a video and again yells at her. She starts to cry and he asks her not to cry because she’s making HIM feel bad (hello! Mr. Selfish Jerk!!). When the Gang finds out what happened to Jassi, they go to her office to try to cheer her up and she tells them the whole story. Maria calls a friend who’s a computer guru and has Jassi talk to him. He tells her that this is not a big problem and that he can get it fixed in an hour.

In the meantime, Mr. Suri calls a “confidence vote” on Arman’s behalf and says that the next board meeting will be held in two months. Aryan says that he wants to audit the company because they can’t let so much time pass without knowing how the company is running. Arman is opposed to this, but they tell him that this is his fault for not having the report ready and he has to acquiesce.

After lunch, the Board members go to Maddy’s to see the designs. The Gang asks the PC guy to give them back Jassi’s computer so that someone else who can actually fix it quickly can take a look at it. He refuses, but Jassi talks to Arman to let him know what’s going on. The Gang goes at it with the PC guy, including Sandra who hits him! Arman tells Mr. PC guy that he has 15 minutes to straighten things out, while the Gang stands guard because they don’t trust him. He gives Jassi the report and the Gang wants to get the PC away from Mr. PC guy, who starts roaming through the computer to find out what secrets they’re guarding so closely. Jassi tells Arman that everything will be ready for the report in 15 minutes, and he tells her that she’s the only one who can make the presentation to the Board Meeting because she’s the only one who’s familiar with the information. He has to give her a pep talk to convince her, and she agrees. She also tells him that she has to get her computer away from the PC guy. Gulati asks PC guy to make him copies of the reports from Jassi’s computer.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 7

Arman grabs a strand of Jassi’s hair and leads her to her office as if she were a puppet, and when she tries to talk he tells her to , and to stop limping, or is she making fun of him… When poor Jassi goes into her office, Arman does one of his “que cruz Dios mío, que cruz”. Jassi calls the cafeteria to ask for a super double cup of coffee, black, no sugar, and when they ask her if she’s the cute blonde secretary, she says no, that she’s the one in the cave, “yo soy Jassi, Jassi.” Balwant calls Jassi to ask her if she was able to finish the project that she and Nandu were working on, and he hears Arman yelling at Jassi, which bothers him to no end and he runs off to go confront Arman, because he's not going to let anyone treat his daughter that way. Raj gets to work and Arman reads him the riot act, and also tears into Pari, especially after she tells him that she didn’t do the business plan. Arman decides that he’s going to have to put it together himself. Jassi repeatedly tries to talk to Arman to give him the business plan she and Nandu put together, but he won’t let her, and keeps treating her like dirt — he’s just rude, rude, rude.

Balwant gets to Gulmohur and asks to speak to Arman, but Jassi intercepts him and says that he’s actually looking for her, and convinces him to please go home.

Mallika, surprise, surprise, has another fight with Arman, complaining about his foul mood, and starts complaining about Jassi again, to which Arman answers that he’ll get rid of her to make Mallika happy. Maria notices that Jassi is limping and calls a 911 so that Gang can tend to her leg. Mallika and Pari are pleased beyond words at the news that Jassi is going to be history soon. When Jassi gets back to her office, Arman fires her and tells her to collect her things and go. She goes into her office, crying, and after collecting her things she stops by to tell Arman why late. He again doesn’t let her explain, and in a terribly rude way tells her to get out. However, Jassi stands her ground and tells him that shell just give him the reason why she was late. Arman reads the business plan and is overjoyed. Raj comes into Arman’s office to ask if Hess ready to go to lunch and Arman says they're not anywhere because they have to work on the business plan. Raj asks him where it came from and Arman tells him that Jassi put it together, and asks her to give him another copy and to just go ahead and go to lunch, after which she should come back to brief them about the plan. She tells him that he fired her, and he apologizes (as much as Armandito can do at this time, no getting down on his knees and crying for him right now), and asks her to stay.

Jassi goes out to lunch with Gang, but before leaving they witness a fight between el Cheque and Sofía, who later tells Jassi how someone stole her husband at the supermarket! Gang asks Jassi why Arman is in such a bad mood, and she tells them about what happened with Pari — that she didn’t put the report together and was late on top of that. Pari tells Mallika that she went to bed with Raj and that she’s sure he’s going to marry her (yeah, dream ON patico!). When Jassi gets back from lunch, she finds a “new” Arman who treats her in a civilized manner and congratulates her for the business plan she put together. Mallika and Pari (another pattern we’ll see repeated) are astonished to see Jassi is still there, and ask Arman what happened with firing her. He tells them that Jassi took care of the business plan, and tells them that Jassi is pretty much running things in his office and pretty much shoos them out of the office because he has to work with Jassi. Jassi tells Arman and Raj what was wrong with their proposal and that she can work out things to enable them to meet their goals (as we hear the bells tolling a song of gloom and doom! RUN, Jassi, RUN!!!).

Arman asks Jassi once again about the report that Pari presented to the Board Meeting the day before. She responds that he would know that Pari did it once he read Pari’s business plan, which means that Pari didn’t do it. Arman tells Raj that he figures that Mallika played a role in helping Pari pass the report as hers, because there’s no other way that it could have gotten into Pari’s hands. Raj asks Arman about what he plans to do, and Arman says that Jassi is in charge now. Aryan arrives at Gulmohur and Gulati (VPFinance) tells him that Arman’s business plan is not well presented and that this will cause it to fail. Aryan goes into Jassi’s office and finds her asleep, and she apologizes, and he tells her that he wants to confirm an appointment for the next day. Raj and Arman arrive and ask Jassi for the report, to which she says that she’s somewhat behind because she’s had no sleep. Arman tells her to go home and they’ll get together first thing the next day. Maria asks Jassi to give her glasses to Freddy so he can fix them. Freddy starts playing with the glasses. Arman arrives from the elevator and scolds Freddy for playing with the glasses, and warns him not to break them because those glasses are very important to Gulmohur.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 6

Jassi goes to eat lunch at Office Cafe and the Gang asks her to join them at their table since there's nowhere else to sit. Each of them introduces herself. Berta, living up to her sterling reputation, tells Jassi that she's replacing Mireya, Arman's old secretary. Jassi asks why Mireya didn't just move positions to work for Arman when he became Chairman. They explain that she resigned because she fell in love with Arman and decided to leave because she couldn't stand being in that situation anymore, and that Arman never realized Mireya’s feelings for him. They warn Jassi not to fall for Arman, and she gives them a nervous answer saying how could they think something like that…

The Gang brings Jassi up to date about how Arman was able to become Chairman, as well as about his sister Camila, who made the mistake of falling in love with a poor man and married him behind her parents’ backs, which is why she's somewhat distant from the family, and only is in real touch with Arman. She separated from her husband and moved to Switzerland with her son. They also brief her about María Jassi, Mallika and Aryan’s sister, and tell her that she's had so much plastic surgery that even she doesn't remember what she used to look like. In the meantime, don Mr. Suri officially passes the baton to Arman during the Board Meeting. He explains that if within a year Arman is unable to meet the goals he has set for himself, Aryan will become Chairman. Aryan responds that he hopes that there will be a business to run, since he thinks that Arman's business plan will lead them to ruin. Sofía lets Jassi know that it was Mallika's vote that assured Arman the chairmanship, and they all say that Arman is paying a high price for that vote. They say that Mallika and Arman have been dating for over two years and that he cheats on her left and right, but Mallika always forgives him and takes him back. Sandra says that Mallika better be careful because one of these days some woman is going to come and take him from her. Maria says that both Raj and Arman only date beautiful women. That Arman stays with Mallika, and Sandra says that maybe that's not the woman that he's really looking for, that he may want a different kind of woman, different from those Hess used to (hmmm, another Gaitán freebie foreshadow!).

At the end of the Board Meeting meeting, Aryan leaves, and Raj talks to Arman and tells him that maybe Aryan is right and Arman's plan is too risky. The Gang and Jassi comeback to work and run into Aryan, Jassi literally, and he yells at her. Mr. Suri tells Arman that he and Mrs. Suri are going to Switzerland to visit his sister and nephew and will later settle down in London. Jassi confronts Pari about making the Board Meeting believe that she had prepared the report, and Mallika butts in to say that one measly report that Jassi prepares isn't going together a promotion. That she's a secretary and that's all shell ever be. Mr. Suri talks to Arman and gives him advice about how to run the business, to make sure that his pride and ego don't interfere with how he runs the company him to do something for which Hess going to be sorry (hey, another soothsayer), to make sure he doesn't get into any shady business. Jassi tells her Mom over the phone that she wants to resign and tells her about what Mallika and Pari did with the report. The entire Gulmohur staff says good-bye to Mr. Suri and Mrs. Suri.

Arman asks Jassi and Pari to come to his office, and since Hess sure that Jassi is the one who put the report together, he asks Pari for the original reports, to which she responds that Jassi has them. Raj congratulates Pari for doing such a good job an asks her out on a date to celebrate. Arman asks for a business plan and asks who wants to do it and Pari jumps in to say that Jassi can do it, but she says that since Pari did so well with the first report to the Board Meeting it’s only right that she should do this one as well, so Arman tells Pari to do it and tells her that it should be a snap for her to put together this plan after what she pulled off in just one day. In Jassi's office, Arman asks her about who really did the report. Jassi responds that he will know who did it once he reads Pari's business plan. Arman and Raj realize that their business plan is totally wrong. Pari tells Mallika about her “problem” and admits that she cant do what Arman has asked her to do and decides to take Raj up on his invitation to go out, so that she can get HIM to help her, so she invites him to her apartment. Jassi says good night to Pari, like “good luck with your little project, honey,” since she knows that Pari is way over her head. Jassi gets home and asks Nandu to work with her to design a business plan because if she doesn't get it ready before the next morning, its going to be her job on the line. Babe asks Jassi what’s going on, and Jassi ends up confessing that she's actually a secretary not an assistant. Babe asks her to tell her father the truth, but when he gets home with one of his friends he’s had a few too many and tells his friend how proud he is of his daughter and her new position, and Jassi loses her nerve.

BIG HINT AHEAD — Arman and Mallika start talking about their wedding, and Arman is adamant that it’s not going to be a church wedding, something that saddens Mallika to no end and they can’t reach a decision. Pari wants Raj to help her put together the business proposal, but he starts kissing her and they end up in bed. So, obviously no business plan was put together! In the meantime, Jassi and Nandu are working on their business plan proposal. Nandu asks Jassi if she’s doing this because she’s worried about her job or because of Arman. She answers that it’s for both reasons.

Jassi and Nandu pull an all-nighter, which makes Jassi be late for work. At Gulmohur, we see Arman ranting and raving in full petulant mode because Raj, Pari, AND Jassi haven’t arrived. When Jassi is almost at work, she falls, hurts her leg, and breaks her eyeglasses (pity Ruby wasn’t there for this one!). When she gets to Arman’s office he starts in on her, asking her whether there was a death in the family, or she broke something, or her bus broke down, to which Jassi has to respond "no señor,” and even though she’s trying to explain to him why she’s late, he won’t let her. He wants to know where Pari and Raj are, and Jassi further enrages him by asking if they’re together, to which Arman says — what do I know, I’m not their mother! He then tells Jassi to find them, and pleads with her to do something for him (“haga algo por mi”). Jassi grabs Arman’s stress ball and gives it to him, and he’s furious (yes, this is a pattern with our beloved bello bobo) and he bounces it on the floor saying, why are you giving this to me, I don’t need it !

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 5

Arman tells Raj that Jassi would be the last woman he’d marry, because with so many beautiful women to pick from, why would he pick an ugly one. Román calls Jassi to see if her dad gave her permission to go out. Jassi asks her dad to let her go, but he tells her no and she runs to her room crying, complaining that she can’t go out, can’t get to know the world. Doña Babe tries to comfort her, and reminds her that Don Balwant has always been this way, making sure she went to a convent school, never letting her socialize much, with the exception of Nandu, whom he considers like a brother to Jassi. She reminds Jassi about how much she suffered when she fell in love with Juan Ramón, a classmate from the university. Babe plays interference and is able to convince Balwant to let Jassi go out. A happy Jassi calls Román to tell him she can go and that she’s waiting for them to go out.

Arman gets to Mallika’s apartment, where he finds a rather “kinky” set up, with Mallika in a black teddie, ropes, special lighting, etc. She tells him that he may be happy with his ugly secretary at work, but that at home she’s the woman for him. They reconcile for the umpteenth time. Román and his friends stand Jassi up, and she still hopes that they’ll come for her, but her dad tells her to go to bed because it’s very late and she needs to go to bed. She starts crying while her dad tries to comfort her after scolding her, and promises that over the weekend the whole family will go out to eat and a movie. Balwant tells Babe that they have to accept the fact that Jassi is going to be a spinster. Jassi starts writing in her diary about Arman and remembers when he told her that she’s the woman that he needs and especially his caress...

The next morning, Freddy asks for Jassi’s forgiveness for the prank he played on her. Jassi finds a picture of Arman in his office and keeps it. Arman tells Raj that he will marry Mallika, and tells him about Mallika’s behaviour the night before. Nandu asks Babe about Jassi’s outing with the neighborhood gang, but Babe tells him that they stood her up. Nandu is upset at the way they treated Jassi and tells Román to apologize to Jassi. Román and his gang make fun of him and hit him. Balwant goes to talk to Román and beats him up. Jassi suggests to Arman that he let her automate his schedule and address book and store it with passwords to prevent others from gaining access to it. Arman asks all the other executives for reports about their departments and that these reports be forwarded to Jassi. He asks her to put the reports together in folders and include her business plan, and a copy of the past year’s numbers. Jassi asks Maria for a recommendation of a good place to have lunch. She tells her to go to el Corrienzato. The Gang en mass is eating lunch there and Jassi sits by herself. Inés asks the others to invite Jassi to join them, but they say that even though they get called ugly, the new secretary is uglier and would further erode their standing.

Babe calls Jassi at work to let her know that Nandu and her dad had a fight with Román, and Jassi tells her Mom that she’s going to be late getting home because she has to prepare a report for the next day's Board Meeting where Arman will officially become Chairman. Pari overhears this conversation, who tells Mallika about it since she doesn't want Jassi to outshine her. Arman and Jassi work out how to handle his personal calendar to make sure that Mallika doesn't have access to it.

The Gang calls a 911 meeting since Maria is crying because one of her beaus broke up with her. Jassi works until late to surprise Arman with the report, and is on her way out the door of her cave, when Arman and Mallika walk into his office and are about to get romantic (very) when Jassi opens the door to leave. Jassi wants to make a good impression at the next days Board Meeting meeting, and wants to look extra nice (poor girl). Her dad and Nandu want to go with her to the office, but she tells them she wants to go by herself. She runs into Román and his gang, who start mocking her, but she gives them a piece of her mind. Everyone is ready to start the Board Meeting, and Jassi is in a hurry to finalize the report, and in her haste, runs into Aryan. She tells him that she's Arman's secretary and he wonders how she knows who he is. She says that she's seen him in business and society magazines, his response is that Arman is wasting money having two secretaries. Jassi is on her way to deliver the reports, but Mallika tells her to give them to her and go ahead to lunch and to just goon to lunch, that Pari can deliver them. Jassi overhears Pari deliver the reports with the implication that she prepared them. Jassi is furious when Mr. Suri praises Pari for such a good report. Aryan argues with Arman because he has two secretaries, and says that if Pari can do such a good job with reports, plus display an “image,” then why have “the other one,” is it because she's pretty? They all make fun of Jassi.

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