Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 4

The next day, Freddy plays a cruel joke on Jassi, making her believe that he’s one of Gulmohur’s executives, and gets her in trouble, even yells at her. Arman arrives and Jassi notices that Freddy was pulling her leg when she realizes that Freddy is the messenger. Arman talks to Jassi and tells her that he’s going to entrust his personal address book and calendar to her, which includes the telephone numbers of women with whom he’s been “close” in the past, and that under no circumstances can she give it to anyone (no se la puede entregar “a nadie, pero a nadie, ni aún a Mallika que va a ser mi esposa”), not even to Mallika, his future wife. From her office, Jassi hears Arman arguing. Mallika is upset that Arman gave his personal address book to Jassi, and that he’s giving her too much access. She also chastises him about still having his old model flames fluttering by. At that very moment, one of these old flames, Karina Larson, arrives looking for Arman. Jassi tells Arman about this and he begs him to get rid of her and to make sure that she goes nowhere near Mallika. Karina is adamant about seeing Arman and Jassi is forced to go meet with her at the reception desk to make sure she comes nowhere near where Arman is. This is very funny, because Jassi has been in her office all this time while Mallika has been arguing with Arman. When Mallika realizes that Jassi is in her office, she is quite upset with Arman. Jassi, who's very smart, catches on to the whole Karina Larson thing and asks Arman to come to her office because of some "personnel problems." She covers for Arman by telling him that he's forgotten about an appointment -- this allows him to sneak out and talk to Karina. She also enlists Raj's assistance to make sure that when Mallika calls Arman at his "appointment" he is actually there! This is only the FIRST of many times that Jassi will cover Arman's butt!

This is only Jassi’s second day at work, and she’s already having to play interference for Arman. Pari notices that Karina is hanging around and proceeds to tell Mallika, who is furious that Jassi covered up for Arman, and goes to her office to demand that she give up Arman’s address book, that she’s nobody to deny her access to her future husband’s stuff. Jassi pleads with her, that she just can’t do it, and Mallika threatens to fire her. Arman takes Karina to a restaurant, where he calls Jassi to ask what's going on with Mallika. Again, since Mallika is in Jassi's office, Jassi covers for him and in code tells him what's going on. Mallika calls Arman's cellular while he's arguing with Karina, and he turns it off. Arman makes it to the place of his supposed appointment and calls Mallika... They argue again... Mallika has Manchanda fire Jassi because of insubordination to Mallika! This will mean that Pari can get her grubby paws on Arman's agenda book before he gets back. However, Jassi isn't going down that easily... Arman arrives just at that moment and tells Jassi to make sure she doesn’t give anyone anything and has another argument with Mallika, confirming that he told Jassi not to give the address book to anyone, including her.

Arman scolds Manchanda for firing Jassi, who wants to leave to prevent any more problems with Mallika, but Arman asks her to stay, and caressing her chin tells her that she’s the woman he needs, and that she has accomplished in two days what he expected her to accomplish in two months, so her status as a temporary employee is over. Raj makes fun of the way Arman talked to Jassi, and tells him to be careful of how he talks to the ugly one, because a caress like that is going to make her think that he’s ready to marry her. Arman tells him that there’s no way Jassi would think that. In the meantime, we see Jassi walking outside remembering Arman’s touch.

Mallika talks to Mrs. Suri about the fight she had with Arman, and Mrs. Suri tells her to act cool and calm, and especially in front of Jassi, the most insignificant of all the women who surround Arman. On her way home, Jassi runs into Román and his gang, who tell her that they want her to go out with them, that if she wants to go she should just ask her dad for permission. They’re doing this just to pull Jassi’s leg since they know her father would never let her go. Jassi tells Nandu about her day at Gulmohur, and how Arman stood up for her. She also tells him about the invitation from Román. Nandu is worried that Pari may have gotten fired because of the problem Jassi had at the office, but Jassi assures him that before Pari is fired Arman would be out the door. She tells Nandu to wake up and smell the coffee, that women like Pari are looking for a rich man who dresses well, has the looks of a movie star, at least two platinum cards, a BMW, the best clothes, memberships at the most exclusive clubs… Nandu is oblivious to all this and hopes that Jassi will introduce him to Pari ASAP. Jassi and Nandu talk about their plight because they’re ugly and no one cares for them, and Nandu asks Jassi if she’s planning on staying single all her life, to which she responds no, that she will be a spinster in a few years! Raj shows Arman a computer program he’s put together that will let Arman know which of the many beautiful women in it is best matched to him. Well, lo and behold, who’s picture should pop up but Jassi’s — and Arman says “murcielaguín”? I think Gaitán was dropping hints about the ending of the show from the very beginning!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 3

The next day is Jassi’s first day at Gulmohur, and right before going into the building Jassi stops, takes off her glasses, and dabs her eyes — she can’t believe she’s got this job! Wilson doesn’t want to let her in and calls to confirm that she’s indeed Arman’s new secretary. Pari and Mallika arrive and can’t believe it when they realize that Arman actually hired Jassi. Arman arrives and shows Pari where she’ll be sitting and takes Jassi to her new office — THE CAVE. A cleaning lady is heard screaming, and tells Arman there’s a spider. Arman’s answer is — well, kill it then! He apologizes to Jassi for the musty smell of the “office,” explaining that this is where his father kept the company’s old files. But that in 15 minutes it will be ready since he’s gotten her a desk, chair, lamp, a computer connected to the office network, as well as two phone lines, including his private line. He tells Jassi to go see Manchanda to finalize the paperwork. Jassi runs into Mr. Suri and Mrs. Suri and says hello. Mr. Suri tells Mrs. Suri that Jassi is Arman’s secretary. Mr. Suri is upset about Arman’s decision to put Jassi in the cave, saying that it is inhumane. Berta and Sofía see Jassi’s photograph and can’t believe Arman has hired her, that maybe he’s lost his touch. Berta says “welcome to Gang, honey.”

Arman, who will call Jassi Rani (empress) a few times because he can’t quite remember her name (jerk!), tells Jassi and Pari what their duties will be. Pari tells him in no uncertain terms that she should be re-classified as his assistant since he already has Jassi as his secretary. He says that if anyone should be his assistant it’s Jassi since she’s extremely overqualified. He tells Pari that Jassi will handle his personal calendar, dealing with the banks and other business contacts. That Pari will be expected to take care of answering the phones outside Arman’s office and getting coffee as needed. Pari is, needless to say, not happy. Raj flirts with Pari but she blows him off. Raj congratulates Arman for hiring Pari, to which Arman responds that he’s hired Jassi as well. Raj peeks in to see Jassi, who says “good evening.” Raj’s only reaction is “¡uy cosa fea!” (how ugly!). They both laugh. Pari whines to Mallika about Arman “treating her badly,” and especially that Jassi seems to be over her in “power.” Mallika is very upset to hear that Jassi will be handling Arman’s personal agenda and tells Pari that she’ll take care of setting Jassi straight, but that anyway Jassi won’t be at Gulmohur for too long. Meanwhile, Jassi is alone in Arman’s office, grabs his jacket and says “tan divino.”

During Jassi's first day on the job, there's a fashion show for buyers and distributors being held in Gulmohur's show room. The Gang is sneaking in to watch. Arman and Raj go to Maddy’s office and are seen flirting with the models. Arman has asked Jassi to bring him his wallet, which he left in his office, and she is by seeing the models (especially the guys!) in their underwear. Jassi volunteers to bring Arman a color chart from the stockroom. As the fashion show is about to begin, Jassi (poor, poor, clueless Jassi) walks on the catwalk calling out Arman’s name… With gritted teeth he says “I’m here, I’m here” as he tries in vain to “disappear” in his chair. Jassi falls off the catwalk (¡pobrecita!) and is helped to her feet by two men. She apologizes (all this while the fashion show is going on behind her!) and goes to Arman to give him the chart. She wants to make sure that this is what he asked for, and he yells at her that it is. Raj tells her to move (“muévase carajo”). Jassi joins Gang in the back and watches the fashion show with them, very excited about this new “world” she’s getting to know.

When the fashion show is over, Maddy has a hissy fit and complains to Arman about Jassi’s behaviour and tells him that he must ensure that Jassi never again sets foot in his office. Mallika didn’t go to the fashion show, instead she went out to dinner with Pari, to whom she confides that she’s okay because none of Arman’s former model flings participated in the fashion show. When Arman comes back to his office, Jassi apologizes profusely for her faux pas, explaining to him (duh, as if he hadn’t noticed!) that this whole “world of beauty” is completely foreign to her and tells him that she’s got his briefcase and jacket ready for him to go home. Very rudely he tells her to just leave his jacket in his office. When Jassi leaves to go back to her office he says to himself, “what a cross to bear, my God, what a cross to bear” (“que cruz, Dios mío, que cruz”). Arman and Raj plan to go out on the town with the models but their plan is thwarted by Aryan’s arrival looking for his sister. He catches Arman with one of the models, which leads Arman to decide to go home to avoid any trouble with Marce. Jassi leaves Gulmohur alongside the Gang but goes home alone. Arman tells Raj that he isn’t really sure that hiring Jassi was such a good idea, especially after the fashion show fiasco. He says that he doesn’t think Jassi will last long at Gulmohur.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 2

Meanwhile, Arman, Mr. Suri, and Manchanda are walking around Gulmohur’s production area (we see Arman with his famous “stress ball”), talking about the various applicants. When Arman and Mr. Suri see Jassi’s they are duly impressed and ask Manchanda why he didn’t hire her on the spot. He answers that she’s got a little problem — she’s very ugly. They call Jassi’s former employer at Banco Montreal, to ask about her work there. They give her a glowing recommendation, saying that she’s an exceptional woman, that she’s got all the educational qualifications and can work circles around anyone. Mr. Suri tells Arman that it is his choice to make, hire a pretty woman or hire a qualified one.

Babe shows Jassi and Nandu a copy of the magazine Jet Set, where there is an article about Gulmohur. Jassi reads it aloud, explaining that the article is about Mr. Suri’s last collection as Chairman of Gulmohur. We see pictures from the lanzamiento party and are introduced to each of the key players at Gulmohur — Mr. Suri, Mrs. Suri, Arman, Aryan (who for a change are having AN ARGUMENT!), Mallika, Pari, Raj, Maddy... Aryan is very upset that Mallika voted to make Arman Chairman, and that it was obvious that Arman proposed marriage to buy her vote. Pari begs Mallika for help getting a job because she’s so broke that the next time she sees her will be in jail, where she knows Mallika won’t go visit her. Pari says that she doesn’t want to be a secretary, to which Mallika tells her that it’s the only job available, that she’ll make more money than a secretary, and that she needs her there to keep Arman in line. During the lanzamiento, again setting the tone for the rest of the novela, Mallika and Arman argue about setting their wedding date. He finally gives in and announces publicly that they will be married in September. We see Mrs. Suri crying from joy, Maddy is thrilled for "Marge," as is Pari, while Raj looks like his best friend has been condemned to die a slow death by torture. Aryan looks unhappy to say the least. Nandu has already noticed Pari and is “in love.” As they are talking, Jassi gets a call asking her to go back to Gulmohur the next morning at 9:00 a.m. to meet with Arman.

Arman tells Mallika that he doesn’t want to be stuck with Pari as his secretary, especially since he knows she is going to just be spying on him. Mallika says that she’s the right and most qualified person for the job. He answers back that there is someone truly qualified whom he’s asked back for another interview. Just then, Mr. Suri’s secretary opens the door and shows Jassi in. Mallika and Arman see her and are taken aback by her looks. Mr. Suri arrives and ignores Jassi when she extends her hand to shake his. Jassi tells them about her educational and professional backgrounds, and Mallika, Arman, and Mr. Suri can’t help but be impressed. Arman asks Jassi if she’s sure, with her qualifications, that she wants to be a secretary. Jassi says yes, that she wants to learn about how to run a fashion business and wants to work with people such as them. They ask her to wait outside, and Mallika says that there’s no way Jassi can be Arman’s secretary, that she’s too ugly and can’t be allowed to work in a fashion house. That Pari is THE choice because she’s beautiful. Mallika asks Jassi and Pari to come in and places them side-by-side like in a cattle call, so Arman and Mr. Suri can make their choice. Afterwards, Arman scolds Mallika for how he treated “that young woman.” Mallika and Pari proceed to make fun of Jassi. Because of Mallika’s manipulation, he has to hire Pari but also decides to hire Jassi. When he tells her to go sign her paperwork and start work first thing next morning, Jassi is beyond excited. Mr. Suri formally transfers power to Arman. Jassi comes home and tells her parents the great news, but lies when she tells them that she was hired to be an assistant to the Chairman, rather than her real position of secretary.

Raj scolds Arman for announcing his engagement and wedding to Mallika in public, and begs him to change his mind. Arman tells Raj that he had a fight with Mallika because he hired a secretary that Mallika didn’t agree with. Raj assumes that Arman has hired a “90, 60, 90,” airhead, to which Arman responds no. He’s hired an ugly woman, with a horrid hairdo, weird voice, braces, but who has more brains than the two of them put together (es fea, tiene voz, con un peinado espantoso, brackets, y tiene más cerebro que usted y yo juntos, y es JASSSSSSIIIIIIII) and she’s UGLY!!! Raj tells Arman that he’s going to fry in hell for hiring an ugly woman, to which Arman responds (sounding like a little kid) —“no te escucho, soy de palo, tengo orejas de pescado” (this makes more sense in Spanish — I can’t hear you, I’m made of wood, and I have fish ears). Jassi tells Nandu about Arman standing up for her in front of Mallika. At the same time Raj makes fun of Arman for standing up for Jassi.

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Friday, September 05, 2003

Episode Guide - Part 1

The perspective of the first few scenes is Jassi’s. We don’t see her, but see the world’s reaction to her. She arrives at Gulmohur for her job interview. First she runs into Wilson and tells him that she has a job interview. She then meets Maria who tells her to go on up to Chairman. There, she runs into Pari who looks at her with an “I can’t believe THIS” look; then she makes the mistake of going to Maddy’s lair, where he pretty much tells her to get out and never come back. She tries to explain that she’s looking for Chairman and he tells her where it is. Berta calls for Pari Fernández and Jassi Pinzón, to meet with Manchanda and another executive. He asks them the same questions since they’re both interviewing to be the Chairman’s secretary. Pari explains that even though she has zero experience as a secretary, she did finish “six semesters in Mumbai at Mumbai University.” Jassi also says that she doesn’t have experience as a secretary, but that she did graduate from university with high honors and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and economics, and also worked as an assistant at Banco de Montreal.

Manchanda asks them about their foreign language skills and Pari says that she knows a bit of English. Jassi answers that she speaks English and French, and a bit of Italian. In addition she lists the other things she can do and knows about, which impresses everyone… Inappropriate as always, Manchanda asks them about their marital status. Pari explains that she is separated from Mauricio Briggman (and Manchanda of course says that he knows him!). Jassi answers that she is single, to which Manchanda says, but of course. Manchanda asks Jassi why she didn’t include her photograph with her résumé. Jassi explains that she’s been to so many interviews that she ran out of photos. Manchanda tells them that he will get in touch with any news, but as they’re leaving the office, he pretty much offers Pari the job right in front of Jassi. Jassi literally runs into Berta, who is carrying a trashcan that flies out of her hands. At that exact moment, Arman and Mr. Suri exit the elevator, and Berta begs Jassi to help her pickup the mess, because she doesn’t want the bosses to see it. Arman notices the trash and starts scolding and yelling at Berta, and doesn’t even notice Jassi, who looks at him in total shock because of his ranting and raving.

Manchanda tells Arman that he’s found his secretary, and shows him Pari’s paperwork. Arman gets mad at him and asks him how he’s going to get through to him, that he didn’t ask him to hire Sharon Stone, that he asked for someone efficient who spoke two languages. And, Arman is especially upset because Pari is Mallika’s best friend. He asks Manchanda if he didn’t pre-select any other candidates and asks him to get him the other résumés for him to look at. Jassi gets home and her mother asks her how the interview went. She says okay and Nandu arrives. She tells him that she went to a fashion house to interview for a job as a secretary, because she doesn’t dare apply for assistant or executive positions because of her looks. And, that they practically hired “a pretty one” in front of her. She reminds them that people are always impressed by her résumé, but when they see her she never gets hired — that it’s simply a problem of “casting.”

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